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    • Added additional check for the proxy INX-Dashboard
    • Added missing restart check for Hornet (Shimmer) configuration
    • Added option to load different snapshots (e.g. genesis snapshot)
    • Fixed permission issue for the Hornet installer
    • Fixed typo for the proxy INX-Dashboard configuration
    • Fixed snapshot path for Hornet (Shimmer)
    • Fixed Hornet (Shimmer) config check
    • Removed Shimmer (Hornet) mainnet launcher


    With today's launch of the Shimmer mainnet, Tangle Bay is also offering its usual services from the IOTA mainnet.

    Tangle Bay offers the following services for the Shimmer mainnet:

    In addition, the start of the Shimmer main network (requires at least SWARM v2.7.1) is performed automatically for all SWARM node operators. In addition, the entry node and the snapshot source from Tangle Bay are directly available there.

    A special thanks to our two donors from this month IBTORBI and ockerocker , whose support keeps Tangle Bay's services going.



    • Added new release channel "rc"
    • Added forced parsing for the P2P db path
    • Fixed Shimmer mainnet launcher
    • Fixed DL of wrong shimmer config



    • Updated Hornet (Shimmer) db path replacement
    • Fixed Shimmer mainnet launcher



    • Added automatic switch to Shimmer mainnet
    • Added db path replacement for Hornet (Shimmer)
    • Fixed autopeering configuration for Hornet (Shimmer)
    • Fixed enable/disable pruning option of Hornet (Shimmer)
    • Fixed config for shimmer testnet

    Hi, tut mir leid das dieser Fehler leider derzeit sehr oft auftritt. Ich werde versuchen heute die Skripte für das builden der Binaries umzuschreiben, sodass dieser Fehler nicht mehr auftritt. Nachdem nun auch die deadlocks von Watchdog gefixed sind, sollte dann sobald ich die Skripte angepasst habe, der Server automatisch die Version bekommen.


    • Added Hornet (Shimmer) tool for generating/validate the genesis-snapshot*
    • Fixed watchdog configuration menu
    • Fixed pow settings for Hornet (IOTA)
    • Fixed a parsing bug for Hornet (IOTA) and the participation plugin
    • Fixed an app deadlock in watchdog

    *A guide to generate/validate the snapshot can be found here. Afterwards you could validate the result with the community here.


    With the planned Shimmer Mainnet launch on September 28, 2022, generation and validation of the Genesis snapshot by the community is also required.

    Please make sure you have at least SWARM version 2.6.3-b1, otherwise please update SWARM first.

    Generate genesis snapshot

    1. Start SWARM
    2. Select 1) Hornet Menu
    3. Select 2) Hornet [SHIMMER]
    4. Select 3) Hornet Management
    5. Select 7) Shimmer Genesis Validation
    6. Select 2) Generate Genesis-Snapshot

    Validate genesis snapshot (local)

    1. Start SWARM
    2. Select 1) Hornet Menu
    3. Select 2) Hornet [SHIMMER]
    4. Select 3) Hornet Management
    5. Select 7) Shimmer Genesis Validation
    6. Select 1) Show Genesis-Snapshot Log
    7. Check if your output matches the data in the spoiler below

    Validate genesis snapshot via Github (requires a github account)

    1. View/Copy the output of the shimmer_genesis-snapshot.log
    2. Click the following link for the shimmer genesis snapshot pull request
    3. Click the green button on the right side Review changes
    4. Copy your log output in the comment field
    5. If the data match select Approve
    6. Click Submit review