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  • Dear IOTA/Shimmer Community.

    due to the discontinuation of ICNS at that time, Tangle Bay has unfortunately lost almost all nodes for the community node. This mostly causes some problems during events (staking/voting), as the current nodes are then no longer able to process all requests (about 6-10 million API requests per day [iota network]).

    Also, the increasing cost of running servers, both rented and owned, makes the continuation of Tangle Bay more difficult.

    Therefore, after some testing, I decided that I would like to offer the option of a mini ICNS again. For this there will be 3 slots each for both IOTA/Shimmer to support Tangle Bay and also the IOTA/Shimmer community again. To all who want to sponsor an ICNS node, please open an ticket.

    If you don't want to participate in ICNS or because the slots are already occupied, you can also support Tangle Bay with a donation via bank transfer. This is a private account, which was opened exclusively for the Tangle Bay project (private). With the funds available there, the infrastructure of Tangle Bay will be operated and expanded (if sufficient funds are available for long-term operation).

    So if you want to support my work around Tangle Bay, I would be very grateful.

    Many thanks for your support

    ~ N080DY

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