SWARM - Proxy

  • The proxy provides a necessary means for secure communication between client and node in SWARM.

    It receives requests via HTTPS and forwards them internally to the node. In SWARM, unencrypted communication is not foreseen and is strongly discouraged.

    A domain or subdomain is required to use the proxy or to obtain a valid SSL certificate. If you run your node at home e.g. with a Raspberry Pi, then a subdomain from a DDNS provider is also possible.


    1. Start swarm with the command swarm
    2. Select 6) Proxy Menu
    3. Select 2) Proxy Configuration
    4. Now select the app you want to install or already have.
    5. Enter your (sub-) domain e.g. my.example.com:443*
    6. Go back to the Proxy Menu
    7. Select 4) Proxy Installer
    8. Start 1) Install/Deploy the proxy
    9. Enter your e-mail address for Let Encrypt to receive notification about certificate renewal

    *A port must always be specified which can be used externally to reach the API/dashboard. If you have multiple (sub-) domains, you can also use multiple ports (e.g. 443).

    SWARM Endpoint

    With SWARM Endpoint, you have the option of displaying the currently installed version of SWARM as soon as an app has been installed and the proxy has been set up.

    This is then always done via domain.com:port/swarm.

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