SWARM - Installation

  • SWARM is a script that allows you to easily install and manage an IOTA node. The most important configuration options are given via simple and selectable menu items. About the additional feature "Watchdog", the status of the nodes can be monitored, as well as automatically install updates. A reverse proxy installation is also offered for secure access via HTTPS.


    1. VPS (Virtual Private Server)

      • 2Core/4GB Memory/40GB disk space)
      • (Sub-) domain
      • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (64Bit)
    2. Raspberry Pi
      1. Version 4 B 8GB
      2. SSD (min. 40GB)
      3. DDNS or (Sub-) Domain
      4. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (64Bit)

    Get SWARM Access

    1. Register on https://community.tanglebay.com/
    2. Join the CDN Auth group
    3. Get your CDN credentials

    SWARM installation

    1. Access the terminal of your device
    2. Run den following command:
    sudo ${SHELL:-sh} -c "$(curl -Ls https://cdn.tanglebay.com/swarm/installer/installer.sh)"

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