SWARM - Changelog

  • v.2.4.29

    • Revert INX service file update
    • Added INX-Plugin restart to swarmUpdater
    • Added INX-Plugin restart to service-check of Watchdog
    • Added INX-Plugin restart to auto-updater of Hornet (Shimmer)
    • Added INX-Plugin restart to management/configuration of Hornet (Shimmer)
  • v2.4.31

    • Added new INX menu entry INX - Plugins
    • Added INX plugins info
    • Added option to restart/start/stop all INX plugins
    • Added option to update/install/remove all INX plugins
    • Fixed missing provision of INX dashboard when requirements are met
  • v2.4.32

    • Added to Watchdog the automatic adding of events
    • Added snapshot download option for assembly round 3
    • Fixed wrong download urls for the download of event snapshots
    • Fixed missing salt for JWT token generation
  • v2.5.0

    • Code improvements (primarily watchdog/swarm modules)
    • Moved/Renamed shared plugin to shared module
    • Added new global variable for shared modules
    • Added a blank area in the menu selection to avoid selection errors
    • Added event validation to INX-Participation Management
    • Added option to backup SWARM configs
    • Added locks for all apps to prevent app crashes
    • Updated SWARM installer
    • Fixed TG notification/swarm.log for auto-add participation (events)
    • Fixed missing config in iota-hornet and shimmer-inx-participation password generation
    • Fixed missing check in Hornet (Shimmer) for the INX-Participation plugin
    • Fixed missing shimmer-inx-poi alias

  • v2.5.1-b0

    • Fixed missing INX-Dashboard removal for proxy
    • Fixed missing INX-MQTT install/removal for proxy

  • v2.5.2

    • Added global variable for SWARM backup
    • Added option to restore SWARM configs backup
    • Updated option to backup SWARM configs
    • Fixed checklist size for INX plugins
  • v2.5.3

    • Fix backup option for SWARM configs
  • v2.5.4

    • Added option to apply restored config to app
    • Fixed restore of SWARM config files
  • v2.5.5-b0

    • Fix missing channel for GoShimmer & WASP


    • Fixed the fix from b0

  • v2.5.6-b0

    • Re-opened GitHub repository of SWARM
    • Added MIT-License for SWARM code
    • Added console option -h or -help
    • Added console option -l or -license
    • Added console option -u or -update
    • Added console option -ac or -authcheck
    • Fixed missing latestSwarmVersion after update
  • v2.5.7

    • Added watchdog menu
    • Added watchdog state file
    • Added a check if the participation plugin is activated when resetting the database.
      (If true then it will be disabled for the reset.)
    • Updated default log size from 10MB to 1MB
    • Updated main swarm menu and sort entries
    • Fixes a wrong variable for the iota hornet database reset
    • Fixed missing logs for log rotation
  • v2.5.8

    • Fixed missing SWARM auto-update option in Watchdog configuration
    • Fixed status check [Watchdog]
    • Fixed app auto-updater [Watchdog]
    • Fixed auto-participation [Watchdog]
    • Fixed SWARM auto-updater [Watchdog]

    Important: Due to a bug in v2.5.7, most watchdog features no longer work. Therefore please perform a manual update via the version or via terminal swarm -u latest

  • v2.5.9

    • Added proxy auto-deploy to proxy info
    • Added new config option to enable/disable snapshots for Hornet (Shimmer)
    • Updated sort of the main menu
    • Updated SWARM installer
    • Moved about to SWARM menu
    • Fixed INX menu name
    • Removed SWARM info
  • v2.5.10

    • Added a check to the requirements if watchdog is executable
    • Added a check if SWARM aliases exists
    • Added check if watchdog cronjob is enabled
    • Fixed SWARM theme with the first start
    • Fixed Hornet (Shimmer) snapshot
    • Fixed GoShimmer db download locking and replaced the watchdog.lock with goshimmer.lock
    • Fixed display error when enable/disable Hornet (Shimmer) pruning
    • Fixed db size detection for Hornet (IOTA & Shimmer) pruning

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